[rosa-users] No fonts displayed?!

Stefan F. Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 09:28:46 EDT 2005

Daniel and Assefa

Many thanks for your helping hack and sorry for this basic question.

Must be still something in the MapFile (or the protocoll?) to be repaired.

There remains still another (basic?) architectural problem I have with
ROSA regarding reloading (c.f. next thread).

-- Stefan 

2005/8/15, Daniel Morissette <dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca>:
> Stefan F. Keller wrote:
> > Hello I've found a strange problem with ROSA-Applet: It shows no
> > labels, no fonts!
> >
> > Using exactly the same MapFile on the same MapServer
> > ... with ROSA, this does not display labels: http://tinyurl.com/e4qhl
> > ... but using HTML it works! http://www.geometa.info/map/jufarimap.html
> >
> > Does anyone have an explanation or help?
> ROSA just displays the map image (PNG, JPEG or GIF) as is with
> absolutely no transformation, so it has no control or impact on the
> presence or not of labels. It must be something else that's missing in
> your interface or in your mapfile.
> BTW, with a few tests I noticed that if you hack the URL to turn on
> layer "parcel_no" in the ROSA interface then you get labels, they're not
> readable at that scale but they're present:
> http://webgis.hsr.ch/map.php?map_legend_template=..%2F..%2Ftemplates%2Fchoice.html&imagewidth=500&imageheight=500&INPUT_TYPE=submit&INPUT_COORD=&mode=browse&zoomdir=-1&zoomsize=2&rosa_state=&querymode=&imgxy=249.5+249.5&imgext=-62.173524+-0.824054+-62.162208+-0.812740&mapxy=&scale=&map=%2Fvar%2Fwebgis%2Fproj%2Fjufarimap%2Fjufarimap.map&myAktLayers=%26layer%3Dgraticulegrid%26layer%3Dparcels%26layer%3Dorthophoto&mapext=shapes&savequery=true&layer=graticulegrid&layer=parcels&&layer=parcel_no&layer=orthophoto&mapsize=500+500
> Daniel
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