[Shapelib] spatial index support - idx file

Jianwei Sun jsun at ddti.net
Thu Mar 10 09:49:52 EST 2005


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On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 08:48:40 -0500, Gregory Muench <gmuench at currentcomm.net>
> Thanks, Frank.  That does answer my question.
> The reason I was asking is because I am using a .NET mapping control 
> from a company called Spatially Aware, and they use what they have 
> termed a "spatial index" file with an idx extension in order to speed 
> up loading of features on maps.  They have a method to build this 
> index file, but it is really slow, so I was attempting to get a 
> speedier version of the same method.

Yeah, I downloaded Spatially Aware too, I just feel their speed is just not
acceptable for production use.


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