[Shapelib] How to compile Shapefile C Library in CYGWIN ??

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Wed Jan 4 17:20:17 EST 2006

On Wed, 4 Jan 2006, Lei, Kuo-Rong wrote:

>   I want to use gen2shp in CYGWIN, so I need to compile Shapefile
>   C Library. But when I use "make lib", there were errors:
> dbfopen.lo: In function `DBFReadAttribute':
> /cygdrive/d/cygwin/opt/shapelib-1.2.10/dbfopen.c:716: undefined reference to `__getreent'
> /cygdrive/d/cygwin/opt/shapelib-1.2.10/dbfopen.c:724: undefined reference to `__getreent'

For our project we needed to do a tweak in order to compile on
Cygwin.  Here's the important part of the script:

# Need a couple fixes for shapelib on Cygwin.
if [ $UNAME = 'Cygwin' ]
  mv Makefile Makefile.dist
  sed -e "s/h libshp.so/hlibshp.sl/" -e "s/-lc/-lcygwin/" < Makefile.dist > Makefile

make lib

I think that might be the fix you're looking for.

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