[Shapelib] Shapelib for mobile navigation purposes

Constanze Tschritter Conny3 at gmx.de
Fri Jan 26 10:12:03 EST 2007

Hi List,

this is my first mail to the list. I'm new to Shapelib. Actually I'm rather new to programming at all. 

I'm working on a project to develop a mobile navigation application for pocket pc with windows mobile 2003/2005 OS. The programming language is visual basic.net and I'm using visual studio 2005. The positioning module is up and running but I don't have a clue how to implement the route calculations.

I've got the road map as a shape file, so I wondered if it's possible to do the route planning with the help of Shapelib. I couldn't find anything related in the shapelib archives. Most people there were interested in creating shape files. So I got a bit worried. 

Can anyone here please give me a hint how to get started?

Thank you very much in advance
Constanze Tschritter

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