[Shapelib] Shapelib for mobile navigation purposes

Constanze Tschritter Conny3 at gmx.de
Tue Jan 30 04:43:12 EST 2007

Thank you very much for your reply! 

I'll probably use the A Star algorithm, because of it's working speed. My Shapefile is a PolyLine road shapefile and I've got POIs in a xml file. The application has to be able to calculate the shortest path (it's a simple data set, nothing sophisticated like Navteq or TeleAtlas data, so it really can only find the shortest path) from the current position to a POI. 

I know how to read the coordinates out of the xml files, but I can't figure out how to access the data in the shapefile for the route planning algorithm. As I said, my knowledge in programming is fairly limited.

Constanze Tschritter

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> Constanze Tschritter wrote:
> > I've got the road map as a shape file, so I wondered if it's possible
> >  to do the route planning with the help of Shapelib. I couldn't find 
> > anything related in the shapelib archives. Most people there were 
> > interested in creating shape files. So I got a bit worried.
> > 
> > Can anyone here please give me a hint how to get started?
> Hi,
> First, I can confirm the Shapelib library can be used on Windows Mobile
> without problems.
> The Shapefile format itself doesn't provide any support for
> routing operations.
> If you want to implement routing for data stored in Shapefile(s),
> it's feasible, but you will need to design the data structure yourself
> and process the data to fit algorithms you are going to use.
> Do you have an idea about what algorithms you're going to use and what
> input data you need?
> Cheers
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