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#68: mapfile.l lexer
     Reporter:  assefa       |           Owner:             
         Type:  enhancement  |          Status:  new        
     Priority:  minor        |         Version:  SVN        
   Resolution:               |        Keywords:             
        Stage:  Unreviewed   |        Approval:  Unnecessary
        Patch:  None         |      Complexity:  Unknown    
Compatibility:  Unknown      |   Specification:  Unnecessary

Comment(by assefa):

 committed mapfile.c and updated windows makefile (r476 r468)
 I did not any changes in the linux build mechanism to check for lex. Off
 hand, I do not know how to do that.

 Other notes on winodws build is regarding src/ows_define.h.in:since there
 is no configure to replace things in there, I have the following local
 modifications when building on windows:
 Index: src/ows_define.h.in
 --- src/ows_define.h.in (revision 466)
 +++ src/ows_define.h.in (working copy)
 @@ -24,12 +24,12 @@
  #ifndef OWS_DEFINE_H
  #define OWS_DEFINE_H

  #define OWS_DEBUG

  #define TINYOWS_VERSION             "0.10.0"
 -#define TINYOWS_FCGI                @USE_FCGI@
 +#define TINYOWS_FCGI                1

  #define OWS_CONFIG_FILE_PATH        "@prefix@/tinyows/config.xml"


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