[TinyOWS-users] Tinyows - Postgis Schema support

Marcelo vismari at ig.com.br
Mon Oct 18 14:53:17 EST 2010

Hi all,


I am doing some tests with Tinyows and I could not make Updates on Postgres
using a table from a different schema than "public". I put the schema tag in
config.xml and I could display the records on the map but I could not update
them. I read the error message from Postgres and I found out that Tinyows
didn't put the schema name before table name, it put just: 

UPDATE "projeto" SET "geometry" = '0106000020097200000100000... 

And the correct would be UPDATE "projetos"."projeto" SET "geometry" =
'0106000020097200000100000...  as Geoserver does.

where projetos is my schema name.


I did the same tests using Geoserver and works perfectly.

Have you ever seen some problem like that? Is a bug? 


This is part of my configuration:

            <layer             retrievable="1"










Thank you very much,

Marcelo Vismari

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