[TinyOWS-users] Problems with TinyOWS and QGIS

Carlos Ruiz boolean10001 at yahoo.com
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Thanks, I've tested the URL you sent to me and its working fine. I did some geomerty updates and erased some nodes.

I've found duplicated nodes in the layer which I'm testing, don't know if this could be the reasson that QGIS throws an error on update. ¿ Can it be ?

IC Carlos Ruiz

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I made a test with QGis 1.6.0 agaist which is running TinyOWS from trunk.  No problems with the "france" feature type. If you try it you should see a hole in France as an evidence about that also WFS-T is working, at least delete.

-Jukka Rahkonen-
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Aihe: [TinyOWS-users] Problems with TinyOWS and QGIS

I'm testing TinyOWS 1.0 rc3 with QGIS 1.6.0 with no success.

I've noticed that PostgreSQL nor TinyOWS logs any error, so I guess that QGIS has some troubles with the new TinyOWS
version because it was working with the 0.9.0 one.

Any ideas ?

IC Carlos Ruiz
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