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Rahkonen Jukka Jukka.Rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
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If you have not set  estimated_extent="1" then have a try.

estimated_extent        Optional        Flag to indicate if TinyOWS should use estimated_extent (faster but less accurate). Default is 0

-Jukka Rahkonen-

Andrea Peri  wrote:

I'm intersect a strange situation.

I' m testing tinyows with a huge DB.
I start adding thre table to the config.xml.
And all go ok.

table1 : a table with 287 record only of geometrytype multipolygon.
table2: a table with 10 records only of geometrytype multipolygon.
table3: a table with 5.185.512 record of geometrytype polygon.

Until now all is ok. When I open my client wfs I receive correctly the list of layers available.

I notice a little more time to respond when add the third table to config.xm, but all seem acceptable.

After this I add a fourth table (table4)

The fourth table has 17.077.038 records of geometrytype linestring.

Now tinyows go in trouble.

when I try to ask the getcapabilities from my client wfs it never respond and after some time I receive this error
on my client WFS.
"invalid name for processing instruction"

After this , I remove from config.xml file the table3 and leave the table4 .
so the list in config.xml is
and retry to ask the getcapabilities.

Now it respond and the list was returned to my client wfs.

After this if i retry to re-add the table3.

So the list is


and again the tinyows go in error.

So I guess the tiny has some trouble when the tables has many records.

There is some setting to avoid this or to increment the limit for tinyows ?


Andrea Peri
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