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Daniel Porter danielbporter at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 18:38:44 EST 2012

Hi Olivier,

> On Ubuntu/Debian like, there's a package called
> 'build-essential'
> Did you also tried that one ?

I just did; it had no effect.

Here is a link to the results of the ./configure command:

It looks pretty innocuous.

I talked to someone in the freenode postgresql irc about this, and
they said that the makefile being generated is wrong.  I believe they
said that the compiler flags were incorrect:

gcc -g -O2 -ansi -pedantic -Wall -I/usr/include/postgresql -L/usr/lib
-lpq -I/usr/include/libxml2 -lxml2   src/fe/fe_comparison_ops.c
src/fe/fe_error.c src/fe/fe_filter.c src/fe/fe_filter_capabilities.c
src/fe/fe_function.c src/fe/fe_logical_ops.c src/fe/fe_spatial_ops.c
src/ows/ows_bbox.c src/ows/ows.c src/ows/ows_config.c
src/ows/ows_error.c src/ows/ows_geobbox.c
src/ows/ows_get_capabilities.c src/ows/ows_layer.c
src/ows/ows_metadata.c src/ows/ows_psql.c src/ows/ows_request.c
src/ows/ows_srs.c src/ows/ows_storage.c src/ows/ows_version.c
src/struct/alist.c src/struct/array.c src/struct/buffer.c
src/struct/cgi_request.c src/struct/list.c src/struct/mlist.c
src/struct/regexp.c src/wfs/wfs_describe.c src/wfs/wfs_error.c
src/wfs/wfs_get_capabilities.c src/wfs/wfs_get_feature.c
src/wfs/wfs_request.c src/wfs/wfs_transaction.c src/wms/wms_error.c
src/wms/wms_get_capabilities.c src/wms/wms_get_map.c
src/wms/wms_request.c -o tinyows

I've posted a copy of the Makefile generated from ./configure here:

Any thoughts? :)

On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 6:36 AM, Olivier Courtin
<olivier.courtin at oslandia.com> wrote:
> On Feb 25, 2012, at 11:36 PM, Daniel Porter wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
>> I'm working on compiling tinyows.  This is the first time I've tried
>> compiling something other than "hello, world!" from source.  I've run
>> into obstacles I've had trouble getting past on both Windows
>> Datacenter 2008 64bit and Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot 64 bit.
>> On Windows, I followed Alexander Bruy's guide
> I can't help you on Windows plaftorm,
> maybe some others folks here,
> maybe Alexander himself...
>> On Ubuntu Oneiric server, after muddling through some errors, I
>> installed these packages:
>> 1. make
>> 2. libxml2-dev
>> 3. postgresql-9.1
>> 4. postgresql-server-dev-9.1
>> 5. postgis
>> 6. apache2
> On Ubuntu/Debian like, there's a package called
> 'build-essential'
> Did you also tried that one ?
>> (Tangentially: The guide at
>> http://www.tinyows.org/trac/wiki/UserDocumentation indicates that
>> "Fast-CGI is recommended".  To get fastcgi, do I have to compile
>> apache myself?)
> Apache i would say no,
> but fast cgi, i guess so.
> On the other hand, to give a try to TinyOWS,
> you could play with FastCGI a bit later.
>> When I get to the "make" portion of the guide, I get a number of
>> undefined references:
>> /tmp/ccpYuos7.o: In function `wfs_parse_operation':
>> /home/ubuntu/tinyows-0.9.0/src/wfs/wfs_transaction.c:929: undefined
>> reference to `xmlFreeDoc'
>> /home/ubuntu/tinyows-0.9.0/src/wfs/wfs_transaction.c:1005: undefined
>> reference to `xmlFreeDoc'
> Look like something wrong with the libxml2 link.
> But normally the ./configure step operation should warn you.
> Could you provide the whole ./configure output ?
>> /tmp/ccLyg5oq.o: In function `wms_get_map':
>> /home/ubuntu/tinyows-0.9.0/src/wms/wms_get_map.c:90: undefined
>> reference to `PQexec'
> And here same kind of problem, but with PostgreSQL...
>> These errors make me think postgreSQL wasn't compiled with the pq
>> headers.  I went to try to install postgresql from source, but that
>> looked like another headache,
> Install PostgreSQL from source is not *that* painfull
> (you could have a look to the PostgreSQL quick install from source part)
> But on the other side, only with the right packages
> providing PostgreSQL headers (the -dev ones) it should be enough.
>> so I thought I'd see if y'all could
>> point me in the right direction before I went too far down that path.
> First step is to understand what's went wrong:
> So as i said previsously begin to provide the whole ./configure step output.
>> Anyways, very excited about playing with TinyOWS.  Looks like a cool project.
> :)
> --
> Olivier
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