[Cartoweb-dev] map file CONNECTION without absolute paths?

Carolin Latze carolin.latze at unifr.ch
Thu Jun 14 03:37:36 EDT 2007


I forgot to change CONNECTIONTYPE to local. Did it now and included the
filename in the DATA attribute. Anyway, it doesn't work:

Error in msSHPOpenFile():

I also tried it with extension (arc.adf) and without specifying the
filename (only the folder). I get the same error :-(

Thanks in Advance

Carolin Latze wrote:
> Hi all,
> it's me again ;-) I have another (new) problem now: I had to import
> arcview data into cartoweb. I found a very good tool to convert the
> layers in a map file, which works. My only problem is, that I have
> absolute paths in the CONNECTION attribute in the map file. Is there a
> way to avoid them? I tried to use relative ones, which leads to errors,
> e.g.:
> Error in msOGRFileOpen(): Open failed for OGR connection
> `data/AdministrativeBoundaries/boundary'.  File not found or unsupported
> format.
> Has anybody a hint for me how to solve this problem?
> Thanks in Advance!
> Carolin

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