[Cartoweb-dev] Passing variable to flash and external php pages

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
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you have to use javascript to open a new window.
the usual way is to make a plugin that would return some code to the page which will then trigger a javascript action which will open a new window.
for sharing data with an external page you can easily either pass the data via parameters in the url of the opened page, or store them in $_SESSION in your plugin and recover them in the external php script.

im sure there are other way to do, this is only the more common ideas

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  I am not exactly an expert at php but I would like the user to select features and when the result is returned by cartoweb, to pass the values for the Object IDs etc for selected features to a php script outside cartoweb in a separate page or to a flash swf file on a separate page. I need to allow the user to interact to with geodatabase entires relating to a particular feature outside the bounds of cartoweb, allowing more flexibility with regard to how data is displayed and using related non spatial database data. 

  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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