[Cartoweb-users] SoapFault class not found

Gambin Dejan Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr
Fri Jul 15 07:47:57 EDT 2005

Great, thanks very much now I can get to work...

Thanks again

regards, dejan gambin

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Le vendredi 15 juillet 2005 à 13:29 +0200, Gambin Dejan a écrit :
> OK, thank you very much I didn't realize this. Now the demo works. I 
> will ask you a few more questions so if you can give me some answer, 
> thank you very much
> I am an advanced MapServer user (I couldn't call myself developer, 
> although I have done some programming to suite my needs) working in a 
> local municipality where I have installed MapServer showing some local 
> geospatial data. I am using PHP/Mapscript and p.mapper as an 
> DHTML/Javascript based interface (developed by Armin Burger).
> I am satisified enough but when I saw the demo of your project I felt 
> in love.
> At this moment I have vector data in shapefiles and some raster images 
> in GeoTIFF and some dgn data. Can I use shapefiles?

As CartoWeb uses Mapserver map rendering, if your php mapscript mapserver is able to handle shapefiles, you can use it.

> I have many layers/groups defined in my map file (that has grown 
> much). Do you think it would be a complicated job to use all my data 
> in cartoWeb?

Not that complicated: you need to created and configure a layers.ini configuration file, with the layer hierarchy you want to use. You can have a look at the documentation, and the demo project for examples.

> Do I have to use many other "initialization files" beside the mapfile 
> (because now I am only using one config file)?

There are a couple of .ini files to setup for working with your mapfile. Again, the documentation on part "server configuration" should answer this question.

> I have done some tiling/overviews of my tiffs to increase performance. 
> Does cartoWeb takes this into account?

Mapserver will be faster if you have optimized your datas. Thus, CartoWeb will consequently be faster too as a result.

> Will the routing module be finished soon (higher level)?

We have a working version in CVS right now, but unfortunately the documentation is not finished. There is an example in the "test_project" project inside CartoWeb hot to use.



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