[Cartoweb-users] ExportPdf

Fred Bauer kerso68 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 13 08:32:00 EDT 2005


I have a problem with the pdfexport.

- the first : When I do a pdf export, the raster doesn't appear in one case 
The maxscale of my raster (in the mapfile), is 1/50000.when I use the scale 
1/50000, on the web page the raster is present, but on the pdf whith the 
same scale (1/50000) the raster isn't displayed, is there any reason ?

the second : The pdf export works good in local configuration (on the same 
machine that cartoweb), but works only sometimes in distant access. What can 
be the reasons ?

Another thing, which can maybe interest you. I wrote a little document on 
cartoweb in french. You can find it on forumsig.org at this link 
If you want to react on it, complete it or use it it is open.


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