[Cartoweb-users] Re: Oracle 9i Problem

Max Ueda mhanzo at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 8 06:08:03 EST 2006

Actually, I forgot some configuration steps, like
copying the Oracle Instant Client oci.dll
file at the ./wamp/php/ directory, setting some system
environment variables, and using the right pecl php
extension php_oci8.dll file.

Now, I'm facing another misconfiguration problem, that
occurs specifically with Cartoweb. In my machine,
everything works fine, I can access an Oracle 9i
database in another machine, and use the information
retrieved to the funcionalities of my application.
But, when I installed everything in another computer,
I got another error, Cartoweb fails to communicate
with Oracle due to TSN problems. 

The funny thing is, that I can retrieve data from that
database by using php applications (OCIlogon,
OCIparse, etc.), but, unfortunately, the same does not
occur with Cartoweb. 

As soon as I solve this, I'll post the steps required
to run Cartoweb with a foreign (I mean, in another
machine) Oracle database.


Max H. Ueda

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