[Cartoweb-users] Installation of gettext

Andreas Kreis andreas.kreis at akrs.ch
Tue Jan 3 08:46:33 EST 2006


Testing my gettext installation with the script "testgettext.sh" gives
the message

Gettext is not installed correctly !

However, "apt-get gettext" says that the newset version is installed and
I have edited "locales.alias" and run "locale-gen". "dpkg-reconfigure
locales" was run too.

Is there something else that I am missing..? The above error message
provides no further infos.

"php testgettext.php" prints:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function bindtextdomain() in
/var/www/cartoweb3/scripts/testgettext.php on line 53

Has anyone any idea where I could go on?  I would like to use German in
a project.

Many thanks, Andreas.

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