[Cartoweb-users] testing by using firfox and opera browsers

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Sun May 7 05:52:06 EDT 2006

Hi Oliver,
I start from the last issue: back and forward arrows of every browser do not

I've installed Cartoweb on a WinXp Machine windows xp professionel ( oem
version with windows service pack 2 installed and no known patches), by
using Wamp5 and Cartowed3.2. This PC is the developing and testing machine.
I've modified the setting config so I can use gettext,MySql (now I'm
migrating to PostGre+PostGis) and so on...
I've replaced localhost with the machine IP in the config  so I can connect
by using another connected pc in my lan.  

Now in local way, I connect to my local site, then  I perform a zoom on a
map, at this point if I use the back arrow of every browser I get the error
page like the page was not avilable. All the site works fine: myplugin
gathers data, outline is ok and so on. The more I use IE ( in the same
session) the more aviable memory decreases, so to me caching is not managed
in server but (bad) managed in client. 
In last minutes I've activated : mod_expires mod_file_cache mod_headers and
the proxy modules.

I've changed the read-only attribute in wamp directory by using the atrib
command in cmd; but exportPdf works fine so there are no problems in
accessing rights (I hope).
Unfortunayely the problem is still here.
I've added for kind advising of Francois the code to manage history in
javascript but there are no code error: the page I should get by arrows is
not available or in time out. Only refreshing the page ffrom server I get
the last page. 
What about ?

Thank you very much for your attention.

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> Hi giuseppe
> Concerning the memory usage, FF is known to have some memory leacks, and 
> also, the more browser tabs you use the more memory will be used, even if 
> you close the tabs. IE shouldnt have that problem.
> Maybe should you look out the virtual memory settings of Windows.
> concerning cartoweb tabs content, this is most certainly caused by
> html tags. Safari is especially sensible to that. To debug that the
> is to use the DOMInspector tool that comes with FF 
> (menu->tools->DOMInspector) and see whats missing before correcting your 
> templates. Also, some html elements imbrications may cause problems
> this only appeared in safari and IE, not in FF), like <p> inside <div>,
> this may also depend of the css rules used for these elements.
> concerning the navigation problem, what exactly doesnt work? if its about 
> these onclick="javascript:history.back();" and forward elements you added
> your template, look for javascript error in the browser error log. In all 
> cases, your browser's back and forward arrow (in the browser menubar)
> always work. But even so, it doesnt mean the formular is being reposted 
> correctly, so this may be an issue with your browser cache or the server 
> apache config. I cant say much without more infos.
> Regards
> Oliver
> > Hi,
> > I'm testing Cartoweb by using these browsers: IE 6.0, Firefox 1.5, Opera
> > 8.51
> > in winnXp env.
> > I've found some secondry misbehaviours :
> > 1) the navigation buttons for back and forward do not works in none of
> > browsers
> > 2) the amount of memory allocated by a working browser increases more
> > more until I shut the browser down. There something wrong in caching, 
> > where
> > do I have to change my settings ?
> > 3) in Firefox and Opera the frame of Help folder does not contain the
> > text which goes beyond the frame. The same for my plugin which print a 
> > long
> > interface of fields. Do I have to intercept the current browser and
> > on the fly
> > some html token ?
> >
> > Is there somebody has met these issues, and can give me some advices ?
> >
> > Thanks in Advantage
> >
> > Giu
> >
> > 
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