[Cartoweb-users] I have some problem ?

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Hi Baroudi

1 and 2)
The map reference is set in the client.ini : mapId = your_map_identifiant

Be sure to have created a folder named "your_map_identifiant" in server_conf. Then put the mapfile and all the server configuration files inside.
The name of your mapfile must be "your_map_identifiant.map" and the main server configuration file "your_map_identifiant.ini"
(use what you want for "your_map_identifiant", this is only an exemple)

Concerning french language in the interface, first be sure and certain that Gettext is installed, this is essential for translation. See the documentations : http://www.cartoweb.org/doc_head/docbook/xhtml/user.i18n.html#user.i18n.translations.config and

To enable french, first set the language in the client.ini
defaultLang = fr
langList = fr, en

Then in the /po folder, copy the client.po and name it client.fr.po . Do the same for server."your_map_identifiant".po and server.po.
Then open the file in any text editor and write all the msgstr with the french words.
Then launch the command-line installation script, so gettext convert the .po to .mo (php cw3setup.php --install ... )

I am not sure if i understand correctly your question.
To add a frame (i suppose you refer to what we call folder) in the template, simply modify the cartoclient.tpl file (in /project/"your_project"/templates/).
Add a label element and a folder element:
in <ul id="tabnav1">, add 

<li id="labelxxx"><a href="javascript:ontop(6)">{t}Your new frame{/t}</a></li>
( replace xxx by the next available number, if there is last label is number 7, use 8 )

in <div id="container">, add

<div id="folderxxx" class="folder"> 
  Here put all the elements you need

Again I am not sure to understand your question.
If you want to access directly your project without using client.php, go in /cartoweb3/htdocs/ 
copy demoCW3.php and rename it to your project name. Open it with a text editor and change $_ENV['CW3_PROJECT'] = 'demoCW3'; to $_ENV['CW3_PROJECT'] = 'your_project_name';


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  Subject: [Cartoweb-users] I have some problem ?

  1) I  try to use a simple project  founded  in Cartoweb Wiki, the installation is made a success but I don't succeed to show the main card. what is the problem ?

  2) How can i set the path of  map in order to load it ?

  3) The simple project does not support  the French language, how to configure my simple project to have  a French ?

  4) How can i add a frame which contains (checkbox, lists, button....) in a cartoweb project ?

  5) How can i modify continuous of client.php  (title of project for example) ?

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