[Cartoweb-users] kick off for PDF

giuseppe.derossi at email.it giuseppe.derossi at email.it
Sun Sep 17 03:09:10 EDT 2006

Hi Alexander,
I understand why no answer I got from you... I've read previous mails and I
forgot that there was a bug in managing the bloks in ClientExportPdf. Can
you tell me If the bug has been fixed in new release, I'm still working with
Cartoweb 2.0. 
REgarding my problem now I can write a number of text files in the pdf, but
I've the heavy constraints that is only one standalone block is printed. 
I'm studying and rewriting  the code in  order to get my  goal, but at the
moment I did't got it. The basic problem consist on managing a number of
objects in  new pages, that is, when there is a inNewPage Object, every
standAlone block with a zIndex greater than the previous one, should be
added in the new Page and so on.  Starting from the original Cartoweb Code,
can you give me a kick off ( I'm sure to ;-) ), to modify  the code in order
to manage the following structure so I get the right pages ?

Object 1 zIndex 1   
Object n zIndex n
Object n+1 zIndex n+1 inNewPage -> addPage
Object n+2 zIndex n+2

Object n+m zIndex n+m
Object n+m+1 zIndex n+m+1 inNewPage -> addPage
Object n+m+k zIndex n+m+k 

Wish you give me any suggestion .

Thanks for you answer and best regards.


PS: one of the reasons I choose Cartoweb is the pdf feature, now that I've
finished my first release I'm a bit scared to not publish it for this

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