[Cartoweb-users] Plugin locate - How do I get a colored result + table result / Recenter on coordinate - no crosshair show on recenter on coordinate

Véro Herzl - Bluewin veroh at bluewin.ch
Tue Apr 10 09:02:41 EDT 2007


I have two questions and one of them is a double one

1a) I use the plugin locate with a postgresql (+postgis) database. I can 
recenter on the selected object without any problem but unfortunately, I 
can not get this object to catch a different color or something similar 
so I can, visually, distinguish it from the surrounding. How is it 
possible ? I also use the query plugin and I can have the subject of my 
query being highlited (I add two lines in the map file of my project as 
specified in the documentation).

1b) On the other hand, I would also like to have a table of result for 
the results of my locate plugin (as I have for the query). Is it 
possible and how ?

2) I specified that I wanted  a crosshair (symbol, size and color) but 
when I enter the X and Y (although I am sure it is not an inversion of 
my X and Y and that I am in my defined extended area), no crosshair 
showing. Also, is it possible to tell the software to zoom in when I do 
a recenter on coordinate or no ?

Thanks a lot for any hints or tricks or even (who knows) answers.


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