[Cartoweb-users] Plugin locate - How do I get a colored result + table result / Recenter on coordinate - no crosshair show on recenter on coordinate

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Tue Apr 10 09:41:38 EDT 2007

hi Véronique

what you want to do can not be done with the locate plugin. this plugin only 
trigger a recentering on the selected element.

what could be possible but not really easy to do is to extend the locate 
plugin and probably the query plugin too.
Using the selected element id to get it's coordinate via a database query 
and then fake a query_by_point.

This would make possible to have the query result without extra work though.

I will discuss this with one of ma colleague to see if there is an easier 

about crosshair, I suppose you set the parameters in the 
client_conf/location.ini file ?
be sure the symbol is correctly defined in your symbols file
the crosshair is drawn via the outline plugin, so maybe have a look at the 
outline_point layer in the mapfile, and if it is not set, copy one from the 
demoCW3 or other project's mapfile.

as for scale, you can set a recenterDefaultScale parameter in the server 
side location.ini file.  recenterMargin may also be appropriate. have a look 
at the doc http://www.cartoweb.org/doc/cw3.3/xhtml/user.location.html


> Hello,
> I have two questions and one of them is a double one
> 1a) I use the plugin locate with a postgresql (+postgis) database. I can 
> recenter on the selected object without any problem but unfortunately, I 
> can not get this object to catch a different color or something similar so 
> I can, visually, distinguish it from the surrounding. How is it possible ? 
> I also use the query plugin and I can have the subject of my query being 
> highlited (I add two lines in the map file of my project as specified in 
> the documentation).
> 1b) On the other hand, I would also like to have a table of result for the 
> results of my locate plugin (as I have for the query). Is it possible and 
> how ?
> 2) I specified that I wanted  a crosshair (symbol, size and color) but 
> when I enter the X and Y (although I am sure it is not an inversion of my 
> X and Y and that I am in my defined extended area), no crosshair showing. 
> Also, is it possible to tell the software to zoom in when I do a recenter 
> on coordinate or no ?
> Thanks a lot for any hints or tricks or even (who knows) answers.
> Véronique
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