[Cartoweb-users] enlighted polygons and maps.live

Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Mon Jun 11 03:12:35 EDT 2007

Hi Giuseppe

you have two possibilities:

if you know the id of the polygon, you can query them via the url.
look in
all the query_... parameters

another possibility, a bit more complicated, is to generate the polygons via
a new plugin and using the existing polygon outline layer.
this plugin will need a client and server parts.
the client recover the polygon geometry and pass them to the server side
where you generate new shapes and inject them in the polygon outline layer.
you can have a look at this message
which give an example for a point, but you can easily do the same for a
polygon (look in common/BasicTypes.php for the class definition of the
various shapes (points, line, polygon,...))


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> Hi Guys,
> I was requested to implement a new feature in search plug-in: when a user
> makes a new search, the database could return one or more results. These
> results are a set of polygons which rapresent buildings, church etc...
> well, they'd like to see these polygons as enlighted and the current view
> shoud be auto set in the minimal box which contains all the enlighted
> polygons.
> It could happen that the polygons could be too small, if they are far one
> from another but it does not matter.
> Any idea about it?
> In my search-plug-in I retrieve the geometry of polygon, and the map file
> displays the shape files, how can I superimpose the selected geometries ?
> do I have to create another layer dinamically set.
> Thank for your info.
> I saw the link http://maps.live.com/, is there anybody which knows this
> technology?
> Bye
> Giu
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