[Cartoweb-users] locate autocompleter and special characters

Bruno Friedmann bruno at ioda-net.ch
Wed Oct 29 10:19:17 EDT 2008

Oliver Christen wrote:
> Hi
> isnt this a sql problem ?
> usualy string are stored simplified in the database and the querystring
> is simply simplified for the search.
> but since you seem to want it the other way around (getting a specific
> string based on a simplified querystring),
> the closest thing that comes to my mind is this:
> http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.3/static/fuzzystrmatch.html
> which allow to search for string which are close to what you search.
> the query is triggered in function getList in the php, so you can
> certainly add some more complex sql queries / treatments.
> regards
> Oliver
>> Hi,
>> I'd like to use locate plugin.
>> But there are the special (czech, slovak,...) characters like:
>> ščžýáíéŠČŽÝÁÍÉ.
>> I have names of towns stored in postgres with them original czech names.
>> Id like to substitute that chars by standard chars: č-c š-s ž-z....
>> Now I have to write: Čáslav when I want to find this town.
>> I'd like to write: caslav.
>> I found Extra local autocomplete options:
>> - choices
>> - partialSearch
>> - fullSsearch
>> - partialChars
>> - ignoreCase
>> but no one from that helps me solve my problem.
>> Is there any way to do that please?
>> thanx
>> wochter

by the way, I was one time again beat by Oliver :-)


     Bruno Friedmann

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