[Cartoweb-users] Rotation Problem in Print Modus on IE7

Dahinden Adrian a.dahinden at geo-thun.ch
Wed Jan 13 10:40:18 EST 2010

Hi Oliver


I feared that this would be a hard thing to crack. Maybe I will have a look at dhtmlPdf.js, but I only have less hope that this could be solved by myself...

Thanks anyway to look at this issue. 


Regards Adrian



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Hi Adrian

it seems there is a memory leak, each time the rotate button is pressed, the memory use is increasing.
I also suspect the "geometry" objects (in other words, "divs", are also not unsetted) and after a few thousands rendered divs, the browser crap out.
now as to why this screw up the browser totally, I have no idea.

maybe by unsetting the "geometry" of  the pdf caneva before drawing it again may solve the problem.
thats done in dhtmlPdf.js, but I fear I dont have the time to look into this in details.


2010/1/13 Dahinden Adrian <a.dahinden at geo-thun.ch>

Hi CW list


Does anyone know, if the following problem is known and how to fix it?


Go to http://www.cartoweb.org/demos/demoCW3.php?reset_session and set the scale of the printing area to the maximum. Then rotate the printing area by clicking several times (10-20 times) on the -5° or the +5° buttons and see what happen. Somehow the browser couldn't handle this.


Note: this problem I noticed only on IE 7 and 8. On IE 6 and FF 3.5 it seems to be ok.




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