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Oliver Christen oliver.christen at camptocamp.com
Fri Jan 28 08:18:54 EST 2011

Hi Carl

the answer is probably no, not in the way you want to do it (ie. passing a mapid in the url for example)
the mapfile is read very very early by Cartoweb and the consequence is one mapfile is linked to one project.
so if you want to access more than one mapfile, you need to have as many projects as you have of mapfiles.
now it's quite easy to duplicate a project, expecially if the only thing that change is the project name and the map id.
and projects can be selected with one parameter in the url for example: client.php?project=demoPlugins
but that maybe be a bit more work than what you want.


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  new to cartoweb but not to mapserver. I need to know if the following is possible with Cartoweb or not. I need to be able to forward users to an installation of Cartoweb from our site passing with them url parameters (a map file name) to enable a specific map file to be used on the map server which will contain a set of layers unique to them.
  Is this possible, if so can anyone point me to the docs/how to that would get me started?




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