[Chameleon] session expired and popups

Bart van den Eijnden
Wed, 24 Dec 2003 14:06:15 +0100
Hi Paul,

would not the "easy and safe" way be to propragate the session to all of 
the popups, so they will expire as well? Okay, the windows will not 
automatically close, but they won't cause any errors as they do now when 
pressing buttons.

Or can't this be done with the session mechanism present in Chameleon?

Best regards,

On Tue, 23 Dec 2003 15:08:58 -0500, Paul Spencer <> wrote:

> Bart,
> this is not something that is very easy to handle which is why we have 
> avoided it.
> One suggestion ... in your application template, you could write a 
> custom piece of javascript that starts a timer for, say, 29 minutes and 
> closes open popups if it expires.  The only problem then is that there 
> is no central place where popups window handles are registered.  There 
> may be some hooks in javascript to determine the handles of windows 
> opened via ... you may also be able to close them by window 
> name (in the call, a window is assigned a unique name) and 
> then search the source of your page for all the window names (by looking 
> for calls)
> Cheers,
> Paul
> PS  this would be a nice addition to chameleon at some point, to have 
> all open windows go through a popup manager that keeps all the window 
> handles and manages the callback mechanism, and also handles session 
> expiry automagically.  It won't be in the next version though.
> wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> we have noticed some strange behaviour (lots of error messages) in
>> Chameleon when a session has expired and popup windows are still open.
>> Is there a way to close all popups when a session expires to prevent 
>> this
>> behaviour, or can't anything be done about this and is it the
>> responsibility of the user?
>> Best regards,
>> Bart
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