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Rene Teniere
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 07:44:32 -0400
Hi Jason, I misinterpreted your message and was thinking of something
different. That did solve my problem, which means that I must set the
site so that it reads the index.phtml file before anything else,
correct? Sorry about the confusion. First day back from the 4 day
holiday :( Hope everyone had a great one ;)


>>> "dmsg16" <> 2003-12-24 5:23:35 PM >>>
Hi Rene,

Which webserver are you using?  IIS?

Have you tried putting index.phtml at the of your url?  For instance: 
http://myserver/sample_app/index.phtml where
http://myserver/sample_app/ is the webpath 
to your app (and possibly the url you're currently using).  If this
works then it is 
likely that the default document is not set for index.phtml.

Hope this helps,

On Dec 24, "Rene  Teniere " <> wrote:
> Hi Again.
>  I finally got the keymap and map area to load up fine, however,
> whenever I try a tool that requires the map area to refresh like
> in, out, etc. I get a page cannot be displayed error in the browser.
> Also, when I click on the keymap, the same thing happens.
>  I re-activated the ErrorReportWidget, and it says that I have no
> errors. I don't know what's up with this. Possibly a path error in a
> config file?
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