[Chameleon] Query by rectangle

Hans Verlouw
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 14:37:26 +0100
Sounds good !

Currently I'm working on a project where we would like to have a third 
mode, mode="polygon".
Not a user drawn polygon, but a selected polygon from another layer.
Are there any plans on making this at MD Solutions, or should I try to make 
it myself?

t       k
   Han    s

At 3/10/2004 02:23 PM, Paul Spencer wrote:
>I would expect that the current query widget will be modified at some 
>point to include two modes of operation: mode="point" and 
>mode="rectangle".  The intention would be to allow the application 
>designer to decide if the query widget can do only point or both point and 
>rectangle queries.  I suspect that we will be developing this in the near 
>future as this is a common feature needed by most applications.

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