[Chameleon] save context and Load context issue

Paul Spencer pagameba at magma.ca
Wed May 26 16:56:07 EDT 2004

Debbie, I've tracked this down to one line of code in the WMSBrowser 
widget that was removing commas and inserting spaces!! This was the old 
mapserver metadata way of representing the wms formats.  When I removed 
this line of code, it started working properly (with contexts).

Change is in cvs.



Paul Spencer wrote:

> Debbie,
> this is a versioning problem.  At some point before the release of the 
> context spec, they changed from the first to the second form.  At the 
> same time, the metadata used to store the format information in the map 
> file changed.  When you use the WMSBrowser widget, I think it is setting 
> up the metadata incorrectly.  I will take a look at it this afternoon.
> Cheers,
> Paul
> Pagurek, Debbie wrote:
>> I am serving wms layers using mapserver 4.2 beta 3.
>> In Chameleon (cvs version), I can load one of these layers using the
>> WMSBrowser widget.
>> When I use Save Context, and then look at the file, it is showing the
>> image formats for my layer this way:
>> <FormatList>
>>         <Format>image/png  image/gif  image/jpeg  image/wbmp
>> application/x-shockwave-flash  text/html  application/x-pdf
>> image/tiff</Format>
>> </FormatList>
>> Instead of:
>> <FormatList>
>>         <Format current="1">image/png</Format>
>>         <Format>image/gif</Format>
>>         <Format>image/jpeg</Format>
>>         <Format>image/wbmp</Format>
>> </FormatList>
>> Then, when I try to use the Load Context document, I am getting an error
>> where the image is supposed to appear that says:
>> msWMSLoadGetMapParams(): Unsupported image format (image/png  image/gif
>> image/jpeg  image/wbmp  application/x-shockwave-flash  text/html
>> application/x-pdf  image/tiff).
>> Is there something special I need in my map file to get the context
>> document written out with the tag delimitation?
>> Debbie
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