[Chameleon] Layers always on

Ken Sanderson ken at rockies.ca
Wed Nov 10 13:43:02 EST 2004

I would put a metadata object on the layers you want hidden, then just
to a test on if that metadata object is set (isset) and if so don't
write them to the legend.


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How do I keep a layer always showing on the map but never in the legend?

I've used the process at
to filter layers. This works for the first image but when I zoom in,
only layers that are checked are drawn (logically enough). So, layers
that are hidden from the legend are never seen again. Not good for me.

I want users to be able to turn on and off some layers only. The other
layers are always on and are controlled by MINSCALE and MAXSCALE in the
map file. Anyone know how to do this?


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