[Chameleon] Session parameters...

William Bronsema wbronsema at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Oct 12 15:31:59 EDT 2004

Hi Mike,

Unfortunately at this point in time Chameleon does not yet support this
functionality.  I can see where this might be a handy feature.  

You can file this as an enhancement in bugzilla so that it is not forgotten


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> Hello List,
> I'm just getting started with Chameleon.  I already have a site I've been
> developing that uses PHP sessions.  For a given user's session, I store
> both
> the session file and any session-specific files within a sub-folder in the
> temp directory.  Both the sub-folder and the session file have are named
> the
> same as the PHP session ID.  Is it possible to pass the session ID and
> save-
> path to a chameleon application using form parameters or global PHP
> parameters?  I'm hoping I can use sessions to pass information back and
> forth
> from a chameleon application, but I would like to avoid editing
> cameleon.php
> or session.php to accomplish this if I can.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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