[Chameleon] Session parameters...

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu Oct 14 20:45:25 EDT 2004


you could just try appending sid=<session id> to the url.  Chameleon 
will automatically try to use this session id.  However, I'm not 
entirely sure that it is safe to do this because Chameleon may not 
initialize a bunch of stuff that it needs to do when the session is 
first started.

The other issue would be compatibility of the session structure, but 
Chameleon does use it's own session handler that uses a directory 
already, so it may just work.


William Bronsema wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Unfortunately at this point in time Chameleon does not yet support this
> functionality.  I can see where this might be a handy feature.  
> You can file this as an enhancement in bugzilla so that it is not forgotten
> about.
> Regards,
> Bill
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>>Hello List,
>>I'm just getting started with Chameleon.  I already have a site I've been
>>developing that uses PHP sessions.  For a given user's session, I store
>>the session file and any session-specific files within a sub-folder in the
>>temp directory.  Both the sub-folder and the session file have are named
>>same as the PHP session ID.  Is it possible to pass the session ID and
>>path to a chameleon application using form parameters or global PHP
>>parameters?  I'm hoping I can use sessions to pass information back and
>>from a chameleon application, but I would like to avoid editing
>>or session.php to accomplish this if I can.
>>Any suggestions?
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