[Chameleon] Output format of the sample application

Bart van den Eijnden BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.NL
Thu Aug 25 11:20:41 EDT 2005

The default output format of the sample application is PNG. I think your browser is misleading you. Can you open up the file with a text editor and see if the first line says PNG or not?

When you want to change the OUTPUTFORMAT, add an output format to your MAP file and reference the NAME of that OUTPUTFORMAT in the chameleon.xml config file.


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>>> <jc.guimard at voila.fr> 08/25/05 5:10 pm >>>
I have installed ms4w and chameleon. When I test the sample application, the output are always in bmp. For my own application, I want an other output format such png or gif. I don't know if it is normal that the output format of the samples is bmp. I think it will be in png (looking in the world_wms.map). Which files I have to modify to change the output format (.map, templates, cwc2.xml,...)? Could it be a problem of the web browser?
I don't join any files because I use the last zip of chameleon and I don't change any files.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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