[Chameleon] Points of Interest and an error

Mariette mariette.hachey at geonet-tech.com
Fri Dec 16 08:20:09 EST 2005


I have two questions, the first;


I have created a point file that contains the locations of where certain
pictures were taken. I would like to be able to query one of the points, but
rather than bring up query result page I would like to bring up the picture
itself in a new page. But I want the queries for everything else to remain
the same and there is a lot to query. How would I go about achieving this,
be warned I am no programmer but I have manged to get evreything working so


The second issue is as follows;


I have a simple error that I cant seem to debug. The error is happening in
"cwc_dhtml.js". The error in EI says "Object required" in Firefox it says
"obj has no properties". It occurs on line 242 in the code
returns the X (left) position of an object'"
the specific line says
"while (obj.offsetParent)"

Everything loads properly and looks fine, I am not necessarily looking for a
definite answer as much as an idea of were to look for the problem.


Thank You



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