[Chameleon] chameleon issue

Jonathon Coombes jon at cybersite.com.au
Wed Jun 8 20:12:34 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-08 at 15:55 +0100, Gail wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I am trying to get the Chameleon samples to work, so far I have
> managed to get the application to load apart from the image. The
> loading page icon just keeps on running endlessly. I have tried a good
> number of ways to resolve the problem but with no luck. I was
> wondering if you have any ideas you could suggest, I noticed that you
> helped someone with a similar problem in the Chameleon threads. 

Hi Gail,

I had this problem a number of times, and every time it was to do
with an error in my mapfile. The most common error was to do with
the classes I was trying to define. I suggest you check your mapfile
and make sure it all works correctly.

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