[Chameleon] Preinstall questions, for Unix and PHP 5

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Granted, there is something to be desired in the documentation ... but specifics would definitely assist in figuring out those deficiencies.  Aside from assistance from the *nix gurus on this list I would suggest you look into FGS (http://maptools.org/fgs/).  It's a canned MapServer environment for several flavours of non-windows systems with a pre-configured Chameleon module.

Re: PHP ... I am currently running 4.3.10 on a staging server with no issues.  If I remember correctly 4.3.11 was a minor release so I wouldn't anticipate problems.  There was an issue with MapLab and a specific version of PHP but that doesn't affect Chameleon.  I haven't personally tried Chameleon with PHP 5 so I can't comment.

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Gregor Mosheh wrote:
> Hi, all. Two questions...
> A month or so ago, I tried to install Chameleon (both
> 2.0.1 and the 2.2 beta) and failed completely. Several
> others I know have complained of similar results, and
> we're all of the opinion that the install docs are
> missing a few things. So I was hoping to save a lot of
> time by asking whether anyone has a procedure for
> installing Chameleon on Unix. If so, could you post it
> to the list, or send it to me, or (best) update the
> install docs?
> I hate to not be able to give specifics as to my
> problems, but my hope is that someone wrote down how
> they did it, and would save me the headache of
> re-experiencing them. ;)
> The second point:
> There was a mention, though I can't track it down at
> the moment, that Chameleon required a somewhat old
> version of PHP and would not work with newer versions.
> I'm running PHP 4.3.11 and I won't downgrade for
> various reasons. Is that old PHP still a requirement,
> or will 4.3.11 still work? Is anyone using Chameleon
> with PHP 5?
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