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Peter Kingsbury peterkingsbury at istop.com
Wed Jun 29 13:00:07 EDT 2005

Hello Bart and List,

Thanks for your response.

I have added some code to my html script, but it doesn't appear 
Chameleon is registering the event override, as the default query is 
still loading. The javascript code is this...

        <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
            function OnPageLoad()

            function OnQueryCustom(nX, nY)
                // Do custom query stuff here
                var url = 'query.phtml?x=' + nX + '&y=' + nY + '&sid=' + 
                window.open(url, null, "width=500, height=400, 
directories=no, location=no, menubar=no, scrollbars=no, status=no, 
toolbar=no, resizable=no");
    <body    onload="OnPageLoad()" >
... rest of the page is here

... and this is my HTML code for the query widget...

<cwc2     type="Query"
            <image state="normal"   image="buttons/button_query_1.png" />
            <image state="hover"    image="buttons/button_query_2.png" />
            <image state="selected" image="buttons/button_query_3.png" />

I'm certain my javascript is OK, so I am concerned that Chameleon is not 
doing something internally. I'm going to dig around in the example docs 
and wiki, but is there an "AllowOverrides" that must be set someplace? 
Or perhaps something else I am overlooking.

Best regards,
- Peter

Bart van den Eijnden wrote:

>I think what is possible right now is described thoroughly on the Wiki:
>Best regards,
>Bart van den Eijnden
>Syncera IT Solutions
>Postbus 270
>2600 AG  DELFT
>tel.nr.: 015-7512436
>email: BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.nl
>>>>Peter Kingsbury <peterkingsbury at istop.com> 06/24/05 04:30pm >>>
>Hello list,
>I am trying to expose a query functionality on my mapserver.
>Within my .map file, I have specified template, header, and footer 
>sections pointing to .html files I have created.
>However, when I generate a query using the query widget, only the file 
>Query.php and QueryResults.phtml are used, and the dataset that I 
>receive as a result of the query, is the entire data set.
>I'd like to know:
>- Is the header/template/footer functionality of the .map file 
>deprecated in Chameleon?
>- Must I hand-code my own query (in terms of formatting and query result 
>"cropping" for my own aesthetic purposes) by creating a custom Query 
>widget? Or is there some way to expose the .map file format's 
>"header/template/footer" functionality?
>I've been poring over MapServer and Chameleon docs, and numerous list 
>posts, and the former is what I'm led to believe. Much appreciation if 
>someone is able to clarify!
>- Peter
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