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Jason Fournier jfournier at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Jun 29 20:57:08 EDT 2005


Are you modifying the sample templates?  If so, I believe that they are based on absolute divs which are effectively taken out of the normal document flow.  When you modify an element removed from the flow it will not (at least in this case) impact the position of other absolute or relative elements.  You would have to change the container positions for each section in this instance.

If you're not modifying the samples would you have a URL we could view to see what's going on in your rendered template?

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Jonathon Coombes wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to get the MapSize widget working based on an image map
> instead of the popup window like the samples. I want to emulate
> something similar to the site http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/maps/tomo.html
> for map resizing.
> What I have done so far was to include a MapSize widget and make it
> hidden. Then I set the imagemap to link to the javascript function
> applyMapSize(Width,Height). This seems to work, however it only resizes
> the actual map image, rather than all the surrounding pan tools, borders
> etc. Am I doing something wrong here? Has anyone else resized maps using
> this method? Can you give me some tips?
> Regards
> Jonathon

Jason Fournier

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