[Chameleon] Ugly, how to find reason for random chrashes in Chameleon/PHP/NTDLL.dll

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu May 12 07:53:54 EDT 2005


these binaries are probably compiled against libmap.dll (most of 
mapserver is shared) whereas the ms4w binaries statically include libmap.



Erik Baluba wrote:
> Hi Bart,
> Perhaps that's the reason why there are no such binaries around, because
> Oracle and Mapscript doesn't really work :-/
> I have tested my setup on a Win2k server today, and the same problems
> persist. Funny thing is that I haven't even been accessing Oracle yet,
> I'm testing against the Chameleon samples, which only use Shapefile
> input! I'm therefore not convinced that the problem in my case is Oracle
> related. I looked a bit more on the binaries you created. I noticed the
> Mapserver CGI binary is extremely small, just 36kb, and the mapscript
> dll is also very small compared to those in default ms4w installation.
> Are they stripped or something? Perhaps my WinDbg trap would be able to
> show more information if the Mapscript had full debug info?  I also
> noticed that it depends on xerces 1.6, which is rather old...
> Anyway, your suggestion on WMS sounds like a good idea, although I
> expect it will be somewhat slower? We have been accessing Oracle with a
> Mapserver CGI for a couple of years without hickups. I'm not experienced
> with using WMS layers. To be sure I understand you correctly, are you
> suggesting that I use a Mapscript binary without Oracle support for
> Chameleon, and then a Mapserver binary with Oracle support as a CGI to
> connect to Oracle? Would you mind sending me a small extract from one of
> your mapfiles which illustrates how things are done.
> Thanks for your help.
>  regards,
>    erik
> On Thu, 12 May 2005 10:00:11 +0200, "Bart van den Eijnden"
> <BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.NL> said:
>>Hi Erik,
>>I have always found Mapscript with Oracle Spatial unstable and I have
>>been unable to figure out if it is caused by the builds. The approach I
>>normally followed was use Mapserver CGI to connect to Oracle and use an
>>OGC:WMS layer in Chameleon.
>>Nicolas Fortin also has some experience with this, Nicolas did you ever
>>get the Oracle/PHP Mapscript binaries to work properly?
>>Erik, if you need help setting up a build environment let me know.
>>Best regards,
>>Bart van den Eijnden
>>Postbus 270
>>2600 AG  DELFT
>>tel.nr.: 015-7512436
>>email: BEN at Syncera-ITSolutions.nl
>>>>>"erik" <erik1969 at mailhaven.com> 05/11/05 11:52pm >>>
>>I second your guess regarding Mapserver. I did verify with Bart who
>>the binary that we use the same PHP version. I hope to test everything on
>>another machine, perhaps with Win2000. I think I also should test the
>>Mapserver/Mapscript binaries on a plain Apache/PHP setup, without the
>>and Chameleon environment.
>>Anyway, I'm a bit surprised that it is so hard to find
>>Mapserver/PHP-Mapscript binaries with Oracle support on Windows. I mean,
>>lots of people use mapserver, Oracle is a popular database, and PHP is
>>perhaps the most popular web-scripting language. Still I couldn't find
>>a Mapserver binary. Fortunately it was kindly provided to me by Bart van
>>Eijnden at http://www.xs4all.nl/~bartvde/ 
>>Perhaps I just have to dig in and setup a compiling environment for all
>>myself, since I will need such Mapserver binaries in the future also. The
>>documentation on the Mapserver home pages basically just say "good luck"
>>those who plan to compile this setup on Windows :-/
>>  erik
>>Paul Spencer wrote:
>>>yikes.  Never seen this, nor heard of it until now.  Of course, I'm on
>>>linux so that's not particularly startling ;)
>>>I personally suspect your mapserver build.  Can you try it with a
>>>different version (i.e. a 4.4.2 version)?  One without the Oracle drivers?
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