[Chameleon] PopUp window - Changing core web path to new application path

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Thu May 12 09:31:10 EDT 2005

for the record, I've included a slightly modified version of this in the 
community tiki under the widget magic topic,




Paul Spencer wrote:
> Rajan,
> you are right, there is a problem with using popups from custom widgets 
> that are not part of the chameleon tree.
> You will need to edit the widget files rather than the Popup.php file 
> and change any lines that set $this->moPopup->mszLink to be the correct 
> URL for your custom widgets.  For instance, assuming you have a custom 
> widget named Query in your application, you could do the following in 
> your custom Query.widget.php file:
> $this->moPopup->mszLink = 
> $_SESSION['gszAppWebPath']."/widgets/Query/QueryResults.phtml";
> the way this works is that Popup.php will only use gszCoreWebPath if 
> $this->mszLink starts with 'widgets' or './widgets' ... otherwise it 
> will leave the link alone, assuming you have set the right thing.
> Also, I don't think you would need a copy of chameleon.php in your 
> application.  You can tell Chameleon to use your custom widgets by 
> specifying a path to a folder containing custom widgets in the call to 
> $oApp->CWCExecute by passing:
> $oApp->CWCExecute( array( dirname(__FILE__)."/widgets" );
> this will tell chameleon to search a widgets directory in your 
> application first.  Then you can copy and Chameleon widgets that you 
> need to customize into your application/htdocs/widgets directory and 
> make the change above to have it use the popup files from the custom 
> version rather than the core version.
> You may run into other problems with specific widget files but I think 
> most of them use relative paths so it shouldn't be too bad.
> Paul
> Rajan Man Bajracharya wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I've recently installed newer version of Chameleon for the very first 
>> time. Actually,I wanted to do some customizations with popup windows 
>> like query results. To do this I've copied files such as chameleon.php 
>> and associated folders (widgets, etc) to my application folder. But 
>> popup windows are still using http://myserver/chameleon instead of my 
>> application folder path. I suppose this is handle through 
>> gszCoreWebPath Session variable (??) in popup.php. How do I initialize 
>> the path that changes to my newly created applications folders path?   
>> I've tried editing Popup.php but could not succeed. Any help is highly 
>> appreciated.
>> Thanking you in advance.
>> Regards,
>> -rajan
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