[Chameleon] JSTreeView

Jano Ferencik ferencik.ioan at personal.ro
Fri May 13 04:30:54 EDT 2005

I am currently developing a webgis application with Chamelon 2. The goal of
application is to serve environmental maps. I have a relativly high number of
point layers(around 50 layers) tohether with some base layers, and my problem is
that if I put them all in a normal legend template the page is overloaded(from
design point of view). I tried to create a menu representing my groups and used
Javascript to hide / show a custom legend for every group. The solution is nice
but the problem appear when I run the Update Map widget the appplication
refreshes istself my legend looks after refreshing like on the fisrt loading of
application when only my groups menu is visible and not the last selected legend

I looked at the JSTreeview widget and i think that this  could be a solution for
me but i have problems putting it to work. There is a little documentation
referring to this widget.

I need a tree like this
+Legend group
Legend layer

Cv-ul tau ia 500 euro/luna!

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