[Chameleon] Chameleon Samples not working

Gail Gail.Millin at manchester.ac.uk
Fri May 13 07:12:52 EDT 2005

Dear Chameleon Users


I am using Windows Server 2003, on IIS 6; I have installed the following php
4.3.11, php mapscript and proj 4 and chameleon 2.0


So far I have tested php 4.3.11 to make sure it is configured correctly (I
manually configured php) when I put http://localhost/test.php in the browser
a purple coloured php page can be viewed with the present configuration, so
I am pretty certain that php has been correctly installed. 


I have also checked a good number of times rights and permissions of the
chameleon installation and followed the configuration as stated in the
Chameleon 2.0 Installation Guide. 


I have managed to get the index page of the chameleon samples working but
when I click on the links I get the HTTP 404 Error this page cannot be
found. The strange thing is that if I point the browser to the same folder
but for a html page then the html page does appear and also I have created
my own php/phtml test pages and placed this in the chameleon/htdocs
directory and they also appear but if I point the browser to a php/phtml
page in the chameleon/htdocs directory or samples directory (say
samples_basic.phtml) that was already there with the installation I get the
404 error. 


I am really confused what is happening? Has anyone got Chameleon 2.0 or even
the samples working on IIS6 Windows Server 2003? Any help I would be
grateful for I have been working on this for a good amount of time now and
really need to get it working


I appreciate that there is the ms4w package for windows but I do not want to
use apache as MapServer version 4.4.1 is already installed and working with
IIS 6.


Kind Regards




Gail Rebecca Millin
Geodata Interoperability Support Officer
Manchester Computing
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL


E-mail: Gail.Millin at manchester.ac.uk
Website: http://www.mimas.ac.uk/spatial


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