[Chameleon] apply legend causes additional widget action

Josh Livni josh at livniconsulting.com
Mon Sep 12 22:00:09 EDT 2005

For the record, the following line in my popup.phtml worked perfectly:
window.opener.document.forms[0].NAV_CMD.value = '';

Paul, thanks for the response - your hints/help are greatly appreciated 
to this chameleon newbie.


Paul Spencer wrote:
> Josh,
> the document.forms[0].NAV_CMD is in the main app rather than in the 
> popup, so you would need to do something from document.opener within the 
> popup to refer to the main app.
> It might be document.opener.document.forms or document.opener.forms ... 
> you'll need to experiment.
> Cheers
> Paul
> Josh Livni wrote:
>> This is sort of a followup to a previous post about someone having 
>> trouble with an unwanted zoom when updating their legend.
>> I am using v2.2 and a fairly default legend template.  The 
>> LegendTemplate has embedded="false" such that I get the popup for the 
>> legend, and when I apply changes, or hit OK, in addition to updating 
>> the legend it runs the last widget (eg zoom).
>> Paul Spencer noted, in this post, 
>> http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/chameleon/2005-June/002452.html 
>> that this might be fixed in 2.2, or that one could try adding 
>> document.forms[0].NAV_CMD.value = '' before the submit.  If I try add 
>> that to my LegendTemplatePopup.phtml (under, for example, the function 
>> applyChanges) I get a javascript error - it does not like 
>> document.forms[0].NAV_CMD.value
>> Any ideas or workarounds would be helpful,
>> Thx
>>   -Josh
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