[Chameleon] trouble getting started

Nate Reed nate at seastar.jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Sep 14 22:29:01 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I have followed the installation instructions and tried to create a 
simple chameleon app, but I get the following error:

FATAL ERROR: Session save path () doesn't exist or is not writable

Is this a problem with the Chameleon configuration?  We have been using
PHP and MapServer on this same host with no problems, however I don't know
if we have used PHP sessions before on this host.  Could it be it is using
the default PHP session directory, which is not writeable by www?  The
chameleon/data directory ("server_data_path" parameter in chameleon.xml)  
is writeable by the web server.


Nate Reed
Physical Oceanography DAAC
Jet Propulsion Lab / Raytheon ITSS
(626)744-5528  nate at seastar.jpl.nasa.gov

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