[Chameleon] character display problem

McGraw, Joanne mcgrawj at AGR.GC.CA
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Upon further investigation, I realized this has nothing to do with Chameleon. I will be sending this out on the MapServer list instead.

Sorry if I wasted anyone's time,

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Apparently, the images I inserted got stripped. The 'c' with the little squiggle underneath (what it's supposed to be) in Français is now displaying as a '?'.

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Hello all,

I recently moved an application I had working in an old version of MapServer/Chameleon to a newer version and have found that my French characters now appear as shown in the attached images. The first one shows the 'c' displayed correctly on the older versions and the second shows how the 'c' is being displayed now.

	Older - Working: 	ms4w_1.0.3.zip with chameleon_ms4w_2.0rc1.zip
	Newer - Not working:	ms4w_1.2.zip 	with chameleon_ms4w-2.2.zip

Something's changed somewhere along the way between those two versions. Anyone have any ideas what it might be? And, what I have to do to get the French versions of my pages to display properly again?


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