[Chameleon] RE: IE: famous red cross :-)

Jacob Delfos jacob.delfos at maunsell.com
Wed Apr 12 02:29:29 EDT 2006

That doesn't explain why it can happen with JPEG's.....
We should make a log sometime with all possible causes and solutions
(and of every occasion where we thought we figured it out).
I'm sure there is more than 1 possible cause......


>> I was too quick with my conclusion ....
>> Now I can safely say the problem was with PHP using the bundled GD version
>> (2.0.28 compatible) and not the GD version (2.0.33) against which Mapscript
>> was compiled. It only caused problems for PNG24 by the way in IE, all other
>> formats worked fine.
>> Best regards,
>> Bart

>*  -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
*>* Van: 	Eijnden, B. van den (Bart)
*>* Verzonden:	dinsdag 4 april 2006 9:22
*>* Aan:	'chameleon at lists.maptools.org
*>* CC:	Wooning, D. (Dion)
*>* Onderwerp:	RE: IE: famous red cross :-)
*>* Hi list,
*>* update on this, in my case this could be fixed by adding the following to
*>* my Apache conf:
*>*    KeepAlive On
*>*    MaxKeepAliveRequests 10000
*>* No red crosses anymore, only once in a while the map seems to wait
*>* forever.
*>* Best regards,
*>* Bart
*>* 	 -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
*>* 	Van: 	Eijnden, B. van den (Bart)
*>* 	Verzonden:	vrijdag 17 maart 2006 14:49
*>* 	Aan:	'chameleon at lists.maptools.org
*>* 	Onderwerp:	IE: famous red cross :-)
*>* 	Hi list,
*>* 	after switching our server from PHP CGI to PHP as an Apache module I
*>* have run into frequent IE red crosses again. This does seem to bring lots
*>* of performance gain in our RHE 3, VMWare setup though so I really want to
*>* keep PHP as a module :-)
*>* 	None of the before-mentioned suggestions work for me:
*>* 	-registry settings, I have no access to the registry on the
*>* workstation :-(
*>* 	-setting KeepAlive to false (this is already the case for our Apache
*>* install)
*>* 	The only solution which works for us is the option by Assefa in this
*>* e-mail:
*>* http://lists.maptools.org/pipermail/chameleon/2004-December/001693.html
*>* 	Is it okay if I implement this as a MapDHTML widget parameter with a
*>* default of false (which is suggested in the e-mail)?
*>* 	Any other suggestions which I could try?
*>* 	Best regards,
*>* 	Bart*
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