[Chameleon] Performance measuring question

Gambin Dejan Dejan.Gambin at pula.hr
Wed Apr 12 06:14:21 EDT 2006

Hi list,

I have finally finished my first serious Chameleon application. It is
working very good, but I would like to see if there are possibly some
performance problems that can be solved because I am experiencing slow
map drawing sometimes (when zooming in)....I'll try to be more detailed:

My current application has several layers of which the one is raster
layer defined over 12 tif files (40MB each) that I joined using
tileindex..I have also internally tiled and created internal overviews
on each of the tif files...

Next I have the main layer, that is roads...it is a LINE shape that has
about 1MB (and its dbf has only 73KB with 247 records). This layer is
also labeled with two lines, one is overlayed over the other...

My questions are:

1. Since the data I presented shouldn't be "heavy" and assuming testing
on my localhost - what can be the main reason for sometimes slow map
drawing? I am using JSAPI mode

2. How to debug it on Windows? How can I see what is causing this
slowness? I would like to know if hardware is the reason (disk subsystem
or RAM) or the application...

3. I have created my own buttons and icons...maybe they are "heavy"? Are
they somehow cached? What about the caching anyway?

Any suggestions are welcome

Thanks very much

regards, dejan

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