[Chameleon] Unable to close ROI polygon

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at mapgears.com
Tue Jul 25 09:15:24 EDT 2006


You can try to add in the body onLoad the following javascript call:

Does that help?


Yahya Mohammad wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've set up chameleon inside an iframe in my application and everything is 
> working well, except for the ROI polygons. Apparently the onkeypress event is 
> not being captured by the frame, so I can't close the polygons. I can make it 
> work by hitting TAB a few times until the browser focus moves to the iframe 
> and then the polygon closes. 
> Since I already clicked a few times on the map to define the polygon vertices, 
> shouldn't the focus already be on the iframe?
> Is there a way to focus on the iframe using javascript when the polygon ROI 
> tool is clicked? 
> I'm running Firefox 1.0.7 on Suse 10.0
> Thanks for any help
> Yahya Mohammad
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Julien-Samuel Lacroix

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