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Delfos, Jacob Jacob.Delfos at maunsell.com
Mon May 29 19:04:08 EDT 2006

Hi Sigurjon,

The widget I made is now part of the normal Chameleon distribution, and sits in the 2.4 package. You can download Chameleon 2.4 here:

There's a demo running here, which has the widget:

The widget is called "LocateByAttribute", and it can sit in the page as an Iframe, meaning it's embedded. Let me know if you run into any trouble with it.




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	Subject: Locate Widget
	Iam in simular situation like Brian.  I have been trying to add a find function to my custom Chameleon application and just don't get it to work.
	  The sample applications work fine with the find-popup window (Canada Gazzett data) but I would like to have the find (search) function on my main application window.  There is one good applcation on the net that shows exactly what I am trying to achive 
	http://www.map.upd.edu.ph/updmap/index.phtml <http://www.map.upd.edu.ph/updmap/index.phtml> 
	Is the code that you offered to send Brian something that I need? Any help would be great.
	Sorry about my english.
	Sigurjon G Runarsson
	Reykjavik, Iceland
	I created a widget that does that, but it only works with shapefiles at this
	stage. The reason was that I required to know how many objects there are,
	and that I only knew how to do that for a shapefile. But perhaps you could
	adjust that side of it. The widget allows you to specify which attributes of
	which layers are searcheable, creates an iframe with comboboxes for the
	layer and attributes, and a searchbox. It shows a list of the searchresults
	(with zoom-to links). It works, but it is not thoroughly tested, though.
	Let me know if you want me to send you the code.
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	What I would like to do is search for attributes in a PostGIS database, 
	present potential matches, then zoom to a selected record. I am a 
	beginner with PHP, and I was wondering if anyone had any code samples 
	and documentation for customizing the LOCATE widget. Another option 
	would be a custom widget that is not based on the LOCATE widget. I've 
	been staring at code for hours and trying different things, but not 
	getting very far. A push in the right direction would be great.
	Thanks in advance,
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