[Chameleon] Lookup widget - services not working or new URLS?

Pagurek,Debbie [NCR] Debbie.Pagurek at ec.gc.ca
Thu Nov 16 09:08:00 EST 2006

Hi - I'm using Chameleon 2.2
Can someone tell me if the placename and postal code services are
The URLS I have are:
for placename and

http://geoservices.cgdi.ca/cgi-bin/postalcode/postalcode.cgi for postal

Are their new services that the widget should be pointing too?

I desperately need to know this today (site is going live very soon)

D. Pagurek

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Subject: [Chameleon] Chameleon, context docs and CDATA

Can anyone confirm for me that Chameleon 2.2 has problems with context
documents that contain CDATA tags?
We're trying to embed special characters like subscript 2.5

In a CDATA tag and Chameleon blows up.

I've found other options for firefox but using entities or encodings for
that doesn't work in IE - has to do with the character set.

Anyone have any other ideas?
Does CDATA work in Chameleon 2.4?

D. Pagurek

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